• Le 14 novembre 2019

" Facio Scapulo Humeral Dystrophy, a complex locus with intriguing epigenetic regulations "

Frédérique Magdinier, PhD

Directrice adjointe Marseille Medical Genetics, Aix Marseille Université, INSERM U1251, Marseille

F. Magdinier obtained her PhD in Human Genetics from Lyon 1 University on the implication of DNA methylation in the transcriptional regulation of the Breast Cancer gene, BRCA1. She then pursued her scientific career as a post-doctoral fellow at the National Institute of Health in the US, first in the laboratory of Alan P. Wolffe and then with Gary Felsenfeld where she developed her skills in the field of epigenetics and chromatin regulation. She was recruited as a Research Associate at INSERM in the team led by Prof. Eric Gilson at ENS Lyon in 2003. She became research director (DR2 INSERM in 2009) and joined the Laboratory of Medical Genetics and Functional Genomics in 2010 as a team leader. Her work mainly focuses on the exploration of epigenetic modifications in rare genetic diseases by investigating different aspects of epigenetic regulations, DNA methylation, histone modification, nuclear topology and disease modeling through the use of pluripotent stem cells.

 invited by Sandra Mercier (Eq Émergente)