• Le 27 septembre 2019
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" Cardiomyocytes and Macro-molecular Complexes "

Jean-Sébastien ROUGIER, PD Dr., invited by Céline Marionneau (Eq IIa)

Senior Teaching and Research assistant, University of Bern

IBMM Bern, Switzerland

After a PhD focusing on: “Regulation of cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.5” aquired in the group of Prof. Hugues Abriel, Jean-Sébastien ROUGIER went for two years to University College of London (UCL) to investigate the regulation of the cardiac voltage-gated calcium channel Cav1.2 in the group of Dr. Patricia Viard and Prof. Annette Dolphin. Contacted by his former PhD supervisor in Switzerland, firstly as post-doctorant and now as senior scientist, he is investigating the regulation of cardiac ion channels with a strong focus on Nav1.5 and Cav1.2.