• Le 03 mai 2019

" Cardiac lineage specification in development and disease "

Thomas MOORE-MORRIS, PhD, invité par Jean Mérot (Eq I)

CRCN, Marseille Medical Genetics, Inserm UMR1251

"During my first postdoc with Sylvia Evans (UCSD), I studied the origins of cardiac fibroblasts during development and in heart failure notably using genetic lineage tracing in mice. Following this, I joined Michel Puceat's group in Marseille where I focused on more epigenetic aspects of cardiac lineage specification, using approaches such as cardiac differentiation of stem cells and single cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq) to understand the role of NIPBL (required for chromatin structure regulation) in cardiogenesis. My current and future projects involve studying the epigenome of cardiac fibroblasts and their role in cardiac regeneration."


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