The Center for Immunomonitoring Nantes Atlantic (CIMNA), founded in 2007, is a CHU NANTES facility which provides clinical immune monitoring services. CIMNA is part of the Laboratory of Immunology of the medicine laboratory department. CIMNA is directed by Régis JOSIEN, MD, Professor in Immunology. Marie RIMBERT, PH in the Laboratory of Immunology, is the referent clinical pathologist of the platform. The project management activity is under the responsibility of Cécile BRAUDEAU, PhD, Hospital Engineer. The R&D activity is under the responsibility of Jérôme MARTIN, Associated Professor in immunology and is linked to the CRTI UMR1064 research center.

The CIMNA offers consultancy activities and immunomonitoring services intended for clinical and therapeutic research for academic and private investigators in the field of autoimmunity, cancer, infection, transplantation, allergology etc... The CIMNA offers conventional or innovative controlled and validated assays for monitoring of patients immune responses in the context of therapeutic clinical trials or pathophysiological studies. CIMNA can carry out, in agreement with the investigators, the transfer of technology and the development as well as the validation of new immunomonitoring technologies (flow cytometry panels, luminex assays...).

The CIMNA is part of .

Know how

  • Analysis of human immune system

  • Flow cytometry

  • Rare population analysis (regulatory T cells, Basophils, ILC, MAIT, MDSC ...)

  • Multiplex assays

  • Quality Assurance (ISO15189

Expertise :

  • Immunopathologies

  • Dendritic cells

Types of services

  • Identification and quantification of circulating immune cells by flow cytometry
  • Phenotyping analysis by flow cytometry
  • Functional analysis by flow cytometry (proliferation, intracellular cytokines).
  • PBMC isolation
  • Elisa and multiplex assays (Luminex) to measure soluble analytes
  • Functional analysis of T cells by ELISPOT assays

The quality approach deployed on the platform is based on the ISO15189 standard.


  • Flow Cytometers :
- 1 FACSCanto II BD Biosciences (8 colors)
- 1 Cytoflex Beckman Coulter (13 colors)
  • ELISPOT reader : Bioreader 5000-pro-S BIOSYS GmbH
  • Microcytometer Luminex: Magpix
  • Elisa reader : ELX800
  •   Room culture


  • Medicine, human health
  • Biology / Biotechnology
  • Cellular and molecular biology
  • In vitro experiments
  • Pharmaceutical products / Medication
  • Physiopathology