• Le 03 novembre 2020
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  • 11h via zoom

« Epigenetic insight into Multiple Sclerosis »

Dr Lara KULAR, Assistant Professor at the Neuroimmunology Unit,
Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Suède

Invitée par le Dr Arnaud Nicot

“Our research aims at utilizing epigenetics, with a special focus on DNA methylation, to better understand the mechanisms underlying Multiple Sclerosis disease and its progression and to improve biomarking and therapeutic strategies in line with precision medicine. During the past several years, we have built MS cohorts for epigenetic studies, developed methods to measure epigenetic changes in rare clinical samples, and implemented analytical tools to associate epigenetic changes with biological processes. Our data support the importance of epigenetic mechanisms in the etiology of MS and a potential to utilize epigenetics in clinical research. We found that DNA methylation may mediate the influence of genetic (HLA-DRB1*15:01) and environmental (smoking) risk factors on disease pathogenesis and that methylome analysis can be a useful readout of neuron and glial dysfunction in post-mortem brain tissue of MS patients in comparison to controls. We are currently expanding our analyses to additional cohorts and are investigating the functional impact of such changes using advanced molecular (CRISPR-based tools) and cellular models”.