• Le 20 octobre 2020
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  • 11h via zoom

« Harnessing evolutionary principles to fight pathogenic bacteria »

Dr Médéric DIARD

Biozentrum, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Invité par le Pr Antoine Roquilly

“ In my group, we investigate alternative strategies that shift away from conventional antibiotic treatments to eliminate unwanted bacteria. By modulating host-related ecological parameters, we detect and exploit loopholes in the evolutionary dynamics of pathogenic microbial communities that can lead to their extinction without risking emergence of resistance. The intestinal microbiota is one of the most potent of these ecological parameters as well as a burden for the host when dysbiosis occurs. Engineering this complex microbial community is an unmet medical need of key importance for preventing and treating plethora of disorders. Recent progress in molecular biology and metagenomics could provide solutions. However, it is only with Darwin’s legacy in mind that microbiota engineering can be pushed to its full potential while remaining safe for the

many ”.