The SFR Santé's governance is based on :

  • the SFR Council, the decision-making body (one meeting every 1 to 2 months)
  • a Steering Office (one meeting per week) including
    • a director: Patricia Lemarchand (PU-PH, UMR Inserm 1087/CNRS 6291)
    • a deputy-director: Xavier Saulquin (PU, UMR Inserm 1232/CNRS ERL6001)
    • two members: Sophie Conchon (CRCN Inserm, UMR Inserm 1064) and Laurent Beck (DR2 Inserm, UMR Inserm 1229)
  • a Platform Comitee (one meeting every 3 months) and different specific Working Groups

The Steering Office works in close collaboration with the SFR support team members and mission managers.