The IMPACT core facility takes place in the proteomic area and is dedicated to functional proteomic in order to meet the needs of academic and private laboratories, mainly in the field of biotechnology. The IMPACT core facility offers a unique set of technologies dedicated to the global study of biomolecular interactions, from screening to the characterization of molecules.

Know how

The IMPACT core facility offers a complete range of technologies :
  • Analysis of protein expression profiling in cells, protein phosphorylation and signaling profiling using dedicated protein chips (protein microarray, SPRimaging) and multiparametric technologies (label free, alpha screen)
  • Characterization of molecular interactions using analytical technologies (SPR, microcalorimetry, interferometry)
  • Screening of protein or chemical modulators using high-throughput screening technologies and validated target libraries (HTRF, BRET, ALPHA screen)
  • Integration of data from profiling or screening technologies using bioinformatics tools (Galaxy interface)


  • Thermodynamics, interaction kinetics
  • Diagnostics for medicine and human health
  • Biochemistry and biophysics
  • Enzymology, protein chemistry, in vitro experiments